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So you’re interested in getting some flight time and learning to fly gliders? Come out to the field on a weekend and get to know us. Our bylaws require prospective members to make 3 visits to the field to ensure a good fit prior to joining. We will make a best effort to get you some rides and flight experience during this time. Flights are not scheduled, but operate on a “first come first served” basis. Members get put on a list as they arrive and after a flight, their name goes to the bottom of the list. Most flights are around 5 minutes until there is sufficient lift to soar in the afternoons. Members are limited in the club aircraft to 60 minutes if people are waiting to fly it. If everything goes smoothly, we can do a flight every 12 minutes or so. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and operate on a lot of volunteer labor. We do not charge for instruction or rental on the aircraft , and are self insured. The pilot is responsible for any damage to aircraft up to $1500.00, as well as seeing that it gets repaired and returned to service. Renter’s insurance is encouraged but not required. We use the Russel Holtz Flight Training Manual for gliders. It can be purchased at and is required material for students.

We can accommodate intro/pleasure rides as well on a “best effort” basis – a suggested donation to the club for a ride is $40. A ride will be between 5 minutes and an hour in length, depending on soaring conditions.

We as a club enjoy our time together and the freedom of flight that soaring has to offer. We would love to meet you. We have a google group we use to coordinate flying days. You can access that group here:   Request to join with a comment that you are interested in the club and your name (needed to help weed out spam accounts).

Membership Application

Visitor Liability Release 6-2017

Member Liability Release 6-2017

Bylaws Approved 7-13-2017

Prospective members need to fill out the membership application a liability release. Everyone wishing to fly in a glider needs to fill out a liability release.