We are located off of Coyote Springs road, in north Prescott Valley.  From Prescott or Prescott Valley, take highway 89A to the east.  Turn left at the intersection of Fain Rd and continue east for several hundred yards.  Coyote springs road will be on the left, and go north on that for 3 miles or so.  Turn right onto Morning Star Ranch road and go east until the end.  We are through the gate to the northeast – the one to the east is a private residence.

The gate is normally locked, and hours of operation are roughly 10:00 am – 5:00 pm on the weekends. The winch is near the gate, and we launch a mile down the road.  Be careful driving down, as we use the road as a runway also.  It’s best to coordinate with the winch driver if someone is sitting there.

Here is our airport diagram.  We always take off on 21 since that is where the winch is, but any of the others are usable for landing depending on the winds.

This is our winch.  The drum of wire can just be seen on the back, below the exhaust stacks.  The spoked wheel in front serves to guide the wire out the front and provides a sort of ‘pivot’ as the glider climbs above the winch.