Flights for 10/7/2022

Bill ToInstructorAircraftTakeoff TimeLanding TimeFlight Time

To begin the log for the day, only the pilot's name need be entered to begin with. Rows will display with a red background until all data is complete. When new data is entered, click the "Update..." button for the changes to take effect and be saved to the database. The only real limitation is only a single row can be updated at a time, so don't go making a bunch of updates to 3 different people and then click update, as only the row whose update button was clicked will take effect.

The format for entering times is very flexible - anything like "11:00", "1:00 PM", and "14:30" is acceptable. "now" will automatically enter the current time in. To delete an entry, click the red 'X'. When a row is complete, the background will turn green. Data is stored in a sQlite database, which offers the generic SQL interface for running reports on the data.