Maintenance Status


Maint ItemStart DateEnd DateLog TypeLog Type Aircraft
Wire July 2019July 13, 2019August 1, 2020PER TOW
Number of tows: 1344
Wire Aug 2020August 1, 2020Not yet completePER TOW
Number of tows: 525

This page allows tracking elapsed tows or elapsed flight time between a range of dates. "PER TOW" will track the total number of launches across all aircraft. "PER AIRCRAFT" will track the number of tows as well as flight hours. Only complete flights (having both a completed takeoff and landing time) are counted.
Enter dates like "Month, Day, Year". The word "clear" can be used to erase the end date should it be mistakenly entered. A missing end date means the calculations include up to the current time. The maintenance log can only be edited after logging in.